Everything spice, guinness stout mustard | Add Beer Cheese $1

Irish sausage, old bay & chives | 2 pcs

Dry rub, curry or buffalo | $7.95 (6)

Irish sausage, puff pastry, tomato jam

Guinness braised beef, puff pastry, tomato jam

Green onion, cheddar, horseradish dill aioli

Lamb, beef, irish cheddar, malt vinegar crème, green onion | Lg $11.95

Shredded potato, bacon, chive & malt vinegar crème

Chips, beer cheese, malt vinegar creme, bacon, green onion | Add Chicken $5 | Add Shredded Lamb $6


Market Price

With crostini, pickles, irish cheddar, chow chow

Cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled onions, radish, egg & buttermilk dressing | Sm $2.95

Cranberries, blue cheese, bacon, toasted pecans & balsamic vinaigrette | Sm $3.95

Petite iceburg, roasted tomato, cucumber, bacon, blue cheese, green goddess dressing

Cup $3.95


Market Price

American cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato



Corned beef and pastrami, house made sauerkraut, 1000 island

Irish cheddar, gruyere, sourdough

Lettuce, tomato, black pepper mayo

Broccolini, roasted tomatoes, provolone, balsamic aioli

Feta, pickled onions, tomato jam

Roasted beef, chef potatoes & farm vegetables

Farm vegetables & yellow coconut curry | Add Chicken $3

Lamb & beef, carrots, garden peas & mashed potatoes

Beer battered cod, fried potatoes, cabbage slaw & house tartar

Roasted farm vegetables

Rosemary potatoes, smoked bacon brussel sprouts

Warm potato salad, caper vinaigrette

Potato gnocchi, minted garden peas

Whipped potatoes, common beans, cheddar popover

Caramel, cookies & whipped cream

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